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Welcome to the website. This website was created to share the many nature and landscape photographs I have taken over the years.  I am a very serious photographer who had traveled extensively throughout the western part of the United States and Thailand, taking photographs all along the way. As my wife can attest, I have searing intensity and purpose that overtakes me when I am out taking pictures.

In addition to the photographs, there is reverent and sometimes irreverent commentary on my travels and photography.  My wife is Thai and we have made 4 lengthy trips to Thailand. During our first trips there I wrote my impressions as a farang (foreigner) exposed to a foreign land and foreign culture for the first time. My wife has shared the commentary with friends and relatives and they have generally agreed with my observations.  There is also commentary on my other travel experiences (including my life of crime in Washington DC) and my photographic influences.

I hope you enjoy the picutres and the commentary.


The Leaf

This is one of my earliest, and still one of my favorite, photographs. The backlighting from the sun brought out the 3 dimensional quality of the leaf

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